Surface Rhythm by Agnes FieldAgnes Field, artist, curator has a studio on a working farm a few miles outside the Empire of Astoria, OR in the center of Cascadia. The new work develops the idea of Cascadian Biophilia.

Cascadia: the area (between the Yukon and Northern California) united by unique environment and resources, is a dripping-wet, moss-covered landscape populated by misfits, outlaws, mavericks and hunted animals.

Abstract paintings titled: Green-Wet-Shimmer, Happiness Falls, Wash-Over-You-Silver, Sleeping-In-Trees, Over the Bar, Campfire Poppet, Squall Line, and Bone-In-The-Teeth, conjure images of NW ramshackle life.

Field, of native Chinook Indian and Finnish decent uses non-traditional materials and occasionally found objects in paintings attempting to imbue the kind of energy found in left-over artifacts.

"Painting is like riding a wild untamed thing - always escaping definition and ultimate capture. Making and painting is a direct search of the world around us. A mark on any surface is as primal as rhythm in music. Meaning is always caught below the surface."